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CCPL - a C++ plotting library interface

CCPL is a generic C++ interface for scientific plotting libraries. Like the standard IOStream library, CCPL is based on the concept of streams. Currently PGPLOT is the only supported library, however extensibility to other plotting libraries has been a major consideration in the library's design. Furthermore, it is a simple matter to adapt CCPL to your favourite container class. Support for stl vectors, boost multi_arrays, blitz Arrays, and TNT array classes are included with the distribution.


11 Dec 2002  -  0.21 additions:
  • added plot_data_matrix and bitmap_plot classes.
  • support for blitz and tnt arrays added.
20 Nov 2002  -  0.2 additions:
  • boost smart pointers now used everywhere.
  • change_release_.. functions added.
  • set methods now cascadable.
  • lots of other minor improvements.
10 Oct 2002  -  0.1 first release!
  • complete rewrite of earlier library.

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