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Warning: The code was developed on linux/g++3.2 and hasn't been tested under other architectures. You will probably run into minor problems during compilation if you have a different setup, but I am happy to help get it going (and fix the problems in the code at the same time). You will need a modern C++ compiler that conforms well to the standard. Given this, any problems should only be minor.

PGPLOT is written in Fortran, so if you don't have a Fortran compiler, you'll need to get one. G77 will do just fine.

Next you need to get PGPLOT and install that.

Next, you will need to get a copy of the wonderful boost library, that ccpl makes use of.

Now you can install CCPL. Just enter the following commands at the shell prompt (as per usual):

      make install

Before running make, you must have the PGPLOT_DIR environment variable set to your pgplot directory. In bash, something like:

      export PGPLOT_DIR=/usr/local/pgplot

In csh, something like:

      setenv PGPLOT_DIR /usr/local/pgplot

you should also set the BOOST_DIR environment variable to point to the boost header files.

Note:Work on the library is currently progressing quite quickly. The design is nearly sorted out and the interface is unlikely to change much. Within the next couple of months a good deal of effort is likely to be spent expanding the functionality. If you would like a particular feature, email me, and I'll keep that in mind.